I just found this news on the Internet and I was really surprised....
Loving animals is nice and I was impressed how he loved his cat.


My favorite furniture

  I can’t live without my dangerously cozy Kotatsu. Doing something in kotatsu is comfortable during winter. I usually do my homework, watch TV or read books sitting in kotatsu. Even when I eat dinner or breakfast, I’m not gonna get away from it. On free time, I enjoy talking or watching movie with friends sitting around kotatsu. Usually when my friends visit me at home, they are sitting on the floor or lying on the bed but since this is really cold in winter, they prefer sitting in warm kotatsu. We could talk face to face more often. Additionally, kotatsu is cheaper than using an air conditioner. It is very budget-pleasing for students.
That’s why I like my kotatsu and can’t part with it but I have to be care full because it is sometimes dangerous that I won’t be able to get away from my home!


about blogging :p

Do you like blogging??
I like blogging because I can write down my daily life easily with some pictures.  At first, I didn't like strangers to see my blog for privacy but It's easy to keep privacy. All I have to do is to be care full not to write too much information or just block my blog from stranger.
Blogging is much easier then a notebook diary. Maybe I will forget  my daily life or  even special occasions easily if I didn't use blog.
I also like receiving comment from readers:-)


My favorite!!♪♪-Piggy - GEICO Commercial

My friends favorite. I like it too(`∀´)
maybe Natsuki.k   would  like it♪

The Best Memory of 2010!

 Trip to India was the best adventure I’ve ever had in 2010. Last summer my friend and I visited India. Our trip was hard but India was inviting country then I imagined. The first day of our trip, we were in the different places. My friend went to India alone and I went to Mongolia first. Then we met in India later. My friend came to Delhi airport to pick me up but it was difficult to find each other because our cell phone didn’t work so we didn’t have way to contact. It was coincidence that we could find each other.
 From the first day until the last day, our trip was exciting and a little hard. First, some people in India can understand English but others don’t so it was hard to communicate until I get used to it. Second, there were a lot of people who cheat tourists. I was ripped off many times. Third, everything was new to me and shocking. There was a life beyond my imaginings. But people in India were kind and funny. Some people are lying but many people helped us during our trip. 
  I will never forget our adventure and since I saw the life in India, I want to see more different cultures in the world. I’m sure 2011 will be my next adventure year!!



Happy New Year!!!!!
Last month, I visited Vietnam as a member of "Ethic Minority Outreach NPO" with some of students in Kendai. We had a wonderful time there. Here are some photo I took♪♪
  There is a big flood in Vietnam every year. Especially these kids live in flood-prone area. Some people are flooded out and  many children can't get enough education because their books are washed away by a flood. Our group visited 13 school and gave children notebooks.

                             Many people were riding motorcycle...It was hard to cross the street 

     Playing with ethnic minority children!!Even we couldn't understand their language, we had fun♪♪
    trash box!!! I could find it everywhere in Vietnam. Isn't it cute♪

We could buy anything at the Market.  In Vietnam, most houses don't have refrigerator so people often go to the Market to get fresh vegetables, fish, meat and so on  every day. Everything was fresh in Vietnam♪♪ Ices are delivered every day because they can't make ice in their own house :) Lifestyle in Vietnam was like those of Japan long time ago. I found their lifestyle wonderfull♪♪

SAIGON beer!! It was easier to drink then Japanese beer♪ I was surprised that there is no age limit on drinking alcohol in Vietnam. :0

Swimming at the beach on December!!! At the last day, we had a camping at the beach. The sea was very beautifull...we enjoyed swimming♪♪


I went to my hometown Matsue yesterday to see my mother. We didn't have much time to hang out but we enjoyed talking at a cafe. I was so excited because we hardly ever go out together since I graduated from junior high school.
 Before I come back to Hamada, We had a dinner at "Capricciosa" which is an Italian restaurant located next to Matsue station. We ordered a Christmas special menu. It had salad, pizza, spaghetti, chicken, and cake. I was very happy to see my mother and could celebrated an early Xmas!!


food used to be a garbage

This is what I ate recently...It's strawberry parfait which I got from my friend. Some of my friend works at convenient store or restaurant. Sometimes they give me some foods from where they work. A lot of foods are thrown away when they nearly rot or no one buy them but these foods are still safe to eat!. This parfait was one of them. Even it was nearly rot and was a garbage, it tasted really good. It had custard cream, whip cream, strawberry, and some other fruits on the top.