I went to my hometown Matsue yesterday to see my mother. We didn't have much time to hang out but we enjoyed talking at a cafe. I was so excited because we hardly ever go out together since I graduated from junior high school.
 Before I come back to Hamada, We had a dinner at "Capricciosa" which is an Italian restaurant located next to Matsue station. We ordered a Christmas special menu. It had salad, pizza, spaghetti, chicken, and cake. I was very happy to see my mother and could celebrated an early Xmas!!


food used to be a garbage

This is what I ate recently...It's strawberry parfait which I got from my friend. Some of my friend works at convenient store or restaurant. Sometimes they give me some foods from where they work. A lot of foods are thrown away when they nearly rot or no one buy them but these foods are still safe to eat!. This parfait was one of them. Even it was nearly rot and was a garbage, it tasted really good. It had custard cream, whip cream, strawberry, and some other fruits on the top.



I had a macha-tea with chocolate marshmallow. It tasted very good especially after  work all day.



Last Wednesday, our zemi went to Tsuwano!! I have lived in Shimane for almost 20 years but it was my first time to visit Tsuwano. Tsuwano was a very beautiful city. The city looked like a small "Kyoto".Especially, I enjoyed the view from the mountain. Trees were turning orange and yellow and looked very beautiful.


I found this interesting tea.
This is strawberry mille-feuille tea. It tasted very nice!
If you like sweet drinks, please try it♪♪

gyouza party♪

I had gyouza party with my friends!
My friend who have lived in China taught us how to make gyouza. I was surprised that In Japan, fried gyouza is common but in China, people usually eat boiled gyouza.
We made many kinds of gyouza which tasted really nice♪♪ especially I liked cheese gyouza and kimuchi gyouza(*^_^*)
We made too many gyouza so we couldn't finish the plate.


special lunch!

Last weekend, Emi and I had a wonderful time in "Cafe Michelle" which is located next to SAKEGORI. We had Special lunch which was really nice and enjoyed talking a lot. Usually on weekends, I am working on a part-time job so it was a wonderful time for me to spend time with my friend on a holiday. Spending time with friends or spend time doing something that makes you happy is really important(^0^)v.

When we were walking along the river, we saw a cat sleeping under the car. It was really pretty!!


my unhealthy lunch

This is my lunch!!!! French fries were only 100yen(*・0・*)
I know it's unhealthy but I can't stop eating french fries.


A New Coffe Shop!!!

Yesterday morning...(actually it was already pass 11:00am.) I was walking in the park near my room to throw away garbage. Then I saw a cute orange car parked in the park.
It was a coffee shop!!!
Recently, a young man started a small coffee shop with his cute orange car.(^v^)
Its name is "Ballon Do'r". Ballon d0'r is a name of an annual association football award referred to as European Footballer of the year.

I ordered coffee and a french toast which was nice.
It is open from 11:00am to 3:00pm or 5:00pm during week day.
If you live near Takesako park, why don't you come to "Ballon do'r" and have some nice drink before you go to school:-)

My favorite slippers♪

                These are my favorite slippers and socks. ♪♪
                Every winter, I use it in my room.
                These are very warm and comfortable(^v^)


Zemi Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week, my zemi friend and I went to Iwami Ginzan.
We went there for studying.
Our zemi are going to make an English guide book and we are going to introduce Shimane.
We walked around Ginzan and searched for good places to see and to eat.
Buildings and its atmosphere were really nice!!
I also found a cute cat!!!!!!


I was looking at my photos on my computer and I just found nice pictures of Ganga River which I took this summer...
I just wanted to post it...hehehe(^v^)

I hope you like it☆



This is Halloween decoreted icecream that I made☆
Isn't it pretty!!!!!(>_<)

if you want to try this
ask me anytime!
or why don't you come to visit me at the ice cream shop☆



My name is Aiko. This is my first time to post a blog.

I had a great holiday this summer!!! my vacation is over but I would like to share my experience.
From August to September for about 3 weeks, I visited 2 countries. India and Mongolia. I went there for volunteer and sight seeing. Each countries were really great!!

These photos are in Mongolia. I visited the farm which is managed by NPO. Many children were working there. Most of them were children who lives in orphanage.
I lived together with children in a tent and helped them working on a farm.Children were really nice to me. I was impressed that even a small kids (about 6 years old) were working from early in the morning. Children loves studying , working and talking to people from over seas.

Mongolia has many beautiful places. Natures were really beautiful. Wherever I go I could see wild prairie and mountains.
Living in a tent with nomads was exciting!! every day, I rode a horse and drink Mongolian vodka which was nice!!:-)
Every thing was new to me and exciting!! I wanna go back there again!!!

I couldn't write about my trip to India so I'm gonna post it next time!!!!(*^^*)
it's coming soon!!!!!!