This is Halloween decoreted icecream that I made☆
Isn't it pretty!!!!!(>_<)

if you want to try this
ask me anytime!
or why don't you come to visit me at the ice cream shop☆



My name is Aiko. This is my first time to post a blog.

I had a great holiday this summer!!! my vacation is over but I would like to share my experience.
From August to September for about 3 weeks, I visited 2 countries. India and Mongolia. I went there for volunteer and sight seeing. Each countries were really great!!

These photos are in Mongolia. I visited the farm which is managed by NPO. Many children were working there. Most of them were children who lives in orphanage.
I lived together with children in a tent and helped them working on a farm.Children were really nice to me. I was impressed that even a small kids (about 6 years old) were working from early in the morning. Children loves studying , working and talking to people from over seas.

Mongolia has many beautiful places. Natures were really beautiful. Wherever I go I could see wild prairie and mountains.
Living in a tent with nomads was exciting!! every day, I rode a horse and drink Mongolian vodka which was nice!!:-)
Every thing was new to me and exciting!! I wanna go back there again!!!

I couldn't write about my trip to India so I'm gonna post it next time!!!!(*^^*)
it's coming soon!!!!!!