I went to my hometown Matsue yesterday to see my mother. We didn't have much time to hang out but we enjoyed talking at a cafe. I was so excited because we hardly ever go out together since I graduated from junior high school.
 Before I come back to Hamada, We had a dinner at "Capricciosa" which is an Italian restaurant located next to Matsue station. We ordered a Christmas special menu. It had salad, pizza, spaghetti, chicken, and cake. I was very happy to see my mother and could celebrated an early Xmas!!


food used to be a garbage

This is what I ate recently...It's strawberry parfait which I got from my friend. Some of my friend works at convenient store or restaurant. Sometimes they give me some foods from where they work. A lot of foods are thrown away when they nearly rot or no one buy them but these foods are still safe to eat!. This parfait was one of them. Even it was nearly rot and was a garbage, it tasted really good. It had custard cream, whip cream, strawberry, and some other fruits on the top.



I had a macha-tea with chocolate marshmallow. It tasted very good especially after  work all day.