I went to my hometown Matsue yesterday to see my mother. We didn't have much time to hang out but we enjoyed talking at a cafe. I was so excited because we hardly ever go out together since I graduated from junior high school.
 Before I come back to Hamada, We had a dinner at "Capricciosa" which is an Italian restaurant located next to Matsue station. We ordered a Christmas special menu. It had salad, pizza, spaghetti, chicken, and cake. I was very happy to see my mother and could celebrated an early Xmas!!

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  1. Great!
    I heard there are many nice café in Matsue.
    Could you recommend me somewhere nice to go?:)

  2. You had nice holiday (*^ω^*)!!

  3. Good dinner choice. We often used to go to Capricciosa with Nina and Mike. It is one of our favorite restaurants in Matsue.