Christmas is coming soon!!!

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  1. Wow, those are really cute!!! Did you make these yourself? Did you eat Santa's head, or is that just a decoration?

  2. Cute! Did you make by yourself? How did you make them? I would like to try to make one if I can!

  3. >Mr.Hennebery
    Thank you!! I made it myself♪ these are very easy to make, actually I made them at Baskin Robbins where I work. You can try them anytime if you visit me at Baskin Robbins!
    Of course, you can eat both Santa and bears head^0^ but these are made from sugar...I ate all of them but I don't recommned to eat those heads....

  4. >Yuki
    Thank you♪ Yes, I made them myself at Baskin Robbbins during my work...hehe
    It is easy to make except Santa and bears head...(those are made from sugar!!)
    All you need is cream,chocolate,and icecream(any flavor is OK!)

  5. Wow! I am impressed. They look really professional. Do they taste as good as they look?

    If so, I might have to eat one (or two).

  6. >Mr. Manning
    It has ice cream inside so it depends on ice cream you'll choose:-)...but I think all flavores are good so it will taste deliciouse!!

    It has 3 kinds of decoration, santa claus, bear, and snowman. You can try all of them if you'd like♪ I'll be happy to make some for you!