Zemi Trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week, my zemi friend and I went to Iwami Ginzan.
We went there for studying.
Our zemi are going to make an English guide book and we are going to introduce Shimane.
We walked around Ginzan and searched for good places to see and to eat.
Buildings and its atmosphere were really nice!!
I also found a cute cat!!!!!!

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  1. The cat is very cute♥
    Do you like cat^^?

  2. Ntsuki o
    I like cats very much!
    especially Tomas(my cat...)

  3. I think I know that cat. Is that Kimchi, Matsuba san's cat who lives at Gungendo?

  4. >Mr.Manning
    Yes!! He is KIMCHI.
    We found it near Iwami Ginzan.
    I didn't know that he was a famouse cat.