The Best Memory of 2010!

 Trip to India was the best adventure I’ve ever had in 2010. Last summer my friend and I visited India. Our trip was hard but India was inviting country then I imagined. The first day of our trip, we were in the different places. My friend went to India alone and I went to Mongolia first. Then we met in India later. My friend came to Delhi airport to pick me up but it was difficult to find each other because our cell phone didn’t work so we didn’t have way to contact. It was coincidence that we could find each other.
 From the first day until the last day, our trip was exciting and a little hard. First, some people in India can understand English but others don’t so it was hard to communicate until I get used to it. Second, there were a lot of people who cheat tourists. I was ripped off many times. Third, everything was new to me and shocking. There was a life beyond my imaginings. But people in India were kind and funny. Some people are lying but many people helped us during our trip. 
  I will never forget our adventure and since I saw the life in India, I want to see more different cultures in the world. I’m sure 2011 will be my next adventure year!!

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  1. I want to go to India someday. But I'm scared because I heard your friend's story about India. So I'll go there with someone who have been there or as a group! Shall we go there after our job hunting?!?!^^

  2. Emi!
    Sounds great!!!I wanna go back there someday...
    I want to visit people who helped us during our trip. Next time, I want to go to the North. I heard that there are many nice places to see and also the sea is really beautiful.
    Let's go to India after job hunting!

  3. Aiko,
    I am sorry to hear that you had troubles in India, but it sounds like you enjoyed yourself anyway. You always have to be careful when traveling, as some people spend all day cheating tourists. :^(
    I like your pictures!

  4. Your 2011 will must be a greater!
    Abobe picture was like a drawing! I want to see the different world by traveling too!