My favorite furniture

  I can’t live without my dangerously cozy Kotatsu. Doing something in kotatsu is comfortable during winter. I usually do my homework, watch TV or read books sitting in kotatsu. Even when I eat dinner or breakfast, I’m not gonna get away from it. On free time, I enjoy talking or watching movie with friends sitting around kotatsu. Usually when my friends visit me at home, they are sitting on the floor or lying on the bed but since this is really cold in winter, they prefer sitting in warm kotatsu. We could talk face to face more often. Additionally, kotatsu is cheaper than using an air conditioner. It is very budget-pleasing for students.
That’s why I like my kotatsu and can’t part with it but I have to be care full because it is sometimes dangerous that I won’t be able to get away from my home!

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  1. I miss my kotatsu. It was my favorite piece of furniture, too. We got rid of it to make space for our son to play.

    Do you have a 'hanten', too? I think the quilted house coats work very well in combination with the heated tables.